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Anonymous: I'm In love with my used-to-be best guy friend, and we're not really friends anymore because we haven't talked since graduation. I really miss him, and I love him so much. We won't be in the same school next year, and things are kind of awkward between us now that we don't talk. We used to be like bffs though. He's also in a relationship with my best friend. Oh what to do? ;( sorry for bothering you with this ;( I just had to get it off my chest T_T 

you aren’t bothering us! if you really love him, you should try and start talking to him again. Don’t be scared, a simple hi won’t be the end of the world! Just keep gradually talking to him everyday and you can be friends like how you used to be (: Forget the awkwardness and just try to talk to him. Since he’s in a relationship with your bestfriend, you should probably tell her how you feel. Keeping it inside won’t make anything better. Though, keep in mind not to end the relationship between them because of this, or else you might lose your best friend! Good luck and remember to try and become friends with him again. c: 


katy <3